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We can source and supply large vertical lathes, mobile-upright milling-boring machines, horizontal lathes and special lathes for deep boring. RHL can supply turnkey plant and engineering complex components { carbon steels, alloyed steels and stainless steels in accordance to customer’s specifications} from renowned global manufacturers.Good example of special purpose engineering products includes Press plate, chocks, press reaction plate, frame for die forging machine, mill housing, mill heads, kiln tyre, rollers and Others.

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Reputable Holdings Ltd is an established company based in Tanzania dealing with integrated international supply chain.RHL specializes in International Procurement, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Supply, Delivery, Consultancy.Reputable is caters for diversified requirements in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Energy, Defence, Construction, Logistics, Industrial, Engineering, Oil and Gas sectors . The worldwide network of agents and the services that possess global range make us a unique brand in procurement, supplies and logistics.